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Our Mission

The purpose of our club is to have FUN while we maintain an association of members who are united in encouraging the restoration and preservation of all types of motorized vehicles.

We Strive:

  • To further the general enjoyment of our hobby
  • To promote, organize, and supervise outings, meetings, competitions, and shows
  • To build fellowship through activities beyond our motorized machines
  • To foster working relationships with neighboring clubs through collaboration and cross-promotion
  • To help our fellow enthusiasts with technical and non-technical challenges with their vehicles
  • To be a contributing member of the local community through charity and good will


Though we will always share a passion for motorized machinery, our primary purpose is to have plenty of good, family-friendly fun.

Club History

The “Top Dead Center Motor Club” was established at Tom Oates Chevrolet in Chester Springs in January 2009, with 15 members in attendance for their inaugural meeting.

Regular monthly meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm, all are welcome, bring a friend! Our club is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of classic, antique, modified and custom cars, trucks, and motorcycles. This club will be made up of local auto enthusiasts coming from all “motor backgrounds” and walks of life. If you are looking for help on your car, getting into the hobby for the first time, family oriented, good friends, and good times… then come and join us!

All are welcome, you just have to have an interest in the hobby, vehicle not required.